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We offer lifetime gurantee and free service for all stainless steel and damasteel jewellery made by our studio.

We will clean, polish, adjut the shade and renew graining of your jewles free of charge (the size can only be increased – and this only by 1-2 sizes).

The warranty does not apply to defects caused by careless manipulation with the jewels, ordering of the wrong size or inserted precious stones.In case a stone comes lose we accept jewels for service delivered either personally or by post in a safety envelope containing the ring, the stone, invoice or bill and for diamonds also a certificate of autheniticity.


Jewels from stainless and damascus steel do not succumb to corrosion (they don´t blacken like e.g. silver jewels), taking care of them is therefore simple and it is enough to polish them with a microthread (soft) cloth or bee wax. Rings with an inserted stone can be cleaned using a soft brush or you can contact us and we will be happy to help you with the clensing of the ring.

Jewelry from stainless and damascus steel is very resistant, however we recommend taking it off when working with hard materials (sand, stones, etc.) or when it could come into contact with chemicals.