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Damascus steel

We offer jewels and rings made from an unusual material – damascus steel (damasteel). The so called damascus steel is modern material with a long tradition.

Damascus steel is made by hand using a technology of layering of two types stainelss steel. This is folowed by a process of metal working, clensing, etching and tempering, creating a beautiful design resembling anual rings of trees, roses, etc. symbolizing the current trend of a return to nature. The striking and very decorative graining can hava different desings based on the technic used during manufacturing. The design of every jewel is always unique.

Damasteel wedding rings and other jewellery has high degree of resistence, don´t corrode (do not succumb to corrosion), are hypoalergenic and colorfast. The jewellery decorate sharpened and natural precious stones (garnet, sapphire, aquamarine, diamond etc.) according to request of the client. Forms, designs, depth of etching and intensity of lustre is possible to choose and combine according to fantasy and as you need.

All the jewellery components are create handcrafted in our studio.